Capsulissima Capsules

The Capsulissima brand of coffee capsules has made a strong commitment to reach the greatest number of people and thus increase the number of people who want to buy its products online.

This bet is made fundamentally, offering a quality service, with which the customer can identify and distinguish this brand from the others. On the other hand, the mixture they use to elaborate their coffee is made up of roasted and ground coffee, and it is packaged in a space where a protective atmosphere has been created in order to preserve all the purity of its aroma and taste.

The Capsulissima capsules are compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto so that they will reach a greater number of people with relative ease.

Capsulissima capsules – Buy online

If you want to buy Capsulissima coffee capsules online, you can do so through Amazon and its website, but you can also buy them quickly and cheaply on other minor sites.

On our side, and since Capsulissima coffee capsules are compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto, we offer you a small sample of their products.

Capsulissima capsules compatible with Nespresso

The Capsulissima packs for Nespresso are presented in a very colourful and cheerful format, somewhat removed from the elitist and distinguished packaging that characterises other brands of capsules compatible with this format.

The varieties are the classic ones: a Lungo, a strong Espresso, a Decaf and a Ristretto.

Capsulissima capsules compatible with Dolce Gusto

The aesthetics, typography and appearance of the packaging are maintained in the case of Capsulissima capsules for Dolce Gusto. The varieties are also the same, and the distribution on Amazon is done in packs of 96 units (several cases of 16 capsules).

Capsulissima capsules – Price

The chapter on price is really interesting in the case of Capsulissima coffee capsules, as it turns out to be very competitive.

The price for Nespresso-compatible capsules is £0.17 per capsule, while in the case of Capsulissima-compatible capsules for Dolce Gusto, it is £0.24, which is extremely competitive in both cases, given the prices offered by the competition, which is excellent information if you want to buy a product of this brand online.

What are the Capsulissima capsules like? Opinions


The Capsulissima coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto have five varieties for each. These five varieties are the same, which are Decafeinatto, Lungo, Ristretto, Espresso and Espresso Forte.

They also have other types of drinks such as herbal teas, chocolate or coffee with ginseng.

In summary, the Capsulissima brand is clearly committed to offering the consumer the most popular varieties, ensuring an extensive market share from the outset and with the advantage that they are considerably cheaper than the original ones.

Capsulissima capsules – Where to buy?

At the time of writing this review, we can see that Capsulissima compatible coffee capsules are quite recent on the market, so they do not yet have physical distributors.

It means that you will not be able to find them in physical stores. The only option, for now, is to buy the Capsulissima capsules at Amazon.