L’OR Capsules

A Nespresso coffee machine has just come into your hands, and after checking the prices of its capsules, you are seriously considering buying Nespresso-compatible capsules. There are so many compatible capsules on offer for Nespresso coffee machines that you won’t know where to start. Fortunately, you no longer have to put price before taste, thanks to L’OR compatible capsules.

L'OR Espresso Coffee Variety Bundle - Nespresso(R) Compatible Aluminium Coffee Capsules - 8 Packs of...
L'OR Espresso Coffee Variety Bundle - Nespresso(R) Compatible Aluminium Coffee Capsules - 8 Packs of...
For espresso, lungo, ristretto, decaf; 10 capsules of 5,2gr (Net Weight: 52g) 8 packs = 416g

L’OR compatible capsules may need no presentation because even if you’re new to coffee in capsules, you’ll recognize it at first glance, not only from its media ads but also from being found on the shelves of supermarkets and hypermarkets. They used to be known as L’Arome capsules, in case they sounded more like that.

Although the L’OR brand is popularly associated with Marcilla, we must point out that they are different products. L’OR was born as an independent product of the company founded in the Netherlands, Douwe Egberts, in 1753. Since then, the company has been producing and marketing coffee and tea for both national and international markets. The compatible capsules for Nespresso have given the company the reputation it enjoys today.

Why not jump on the bandwagon of compatible capsules? Everyone who owns a Nespresso coffee machine is willing to try a compatible brand sometime to enjoy the maximum flavour without sacrificing their pocket. And the L’OR boys weren’t going to let this opportunity pass them by.

Leaving aside the history of L’OR, this prestigious brand of Nespresso compatible capsules stands out for offering us probably the largest selection of coffees. L’OR has coffees for all tastes, from the most intense to start the day with energy to the mildest for those who are not very coffee-drinking. Among all of them, espressos, lungo coffees, ristretto, decaffeinated coffees and a selection of gold and latte coffees stand out.

When you buy compatible L’OR capsules, you will have to decide which flavour you want (intense and spicy, fruity and floral, complex and tasty or subtle and balanced) and then choose an intensity, from level 5 to level 12 for the very coffee-loving.

L’OR Capsules – Buy Online

To buy L’OR compatible capsules, you can go to your usual supermarket, to that hypermarket you go to for the month’s purchase, to its official online store or to Amazon. If you choose the latter option, you will find that L’OR’s range of compatible capsules is extensive.

At Amazon, you have the largest selection of L’OR capsules compatible with Nespresso. You will find the following products in L’OR’s catalogue of Nespresso-compatible capsules:

MARCILLA 4015887 - Coffee capsules 10 units Espresso Splendente
MARCILLA 4015887 - Coffee capsules 10 units Espresso Splendente
Pack Of 10 Espresso Capsules - Nespresso Compatible (Nespresso Is A Standalone Brand); Intensity: 7 - Dispersed
MARCILLA 4015888 - Coffee Capsules 10 Units 'Espresso Sontuoso'
MARCILLA 4015888 - Coffee Capsules 10 Units "Espresso Sontuoso"
Ref - 4015888; Brand Name - MARCILLA; Category - General Services
L'OR Nespresso® Original line compatible Aluminium Capsules Set of 5 Flavours Variety Pack 50 Pods
L'OR Nespresso® Original line compatible Aluminium Capsules Set of 5 Flavours Variety Pack 50 Pods
L'OR 50 Capsules; Splendente - Profondo - Forza - Supremo - Ristretto; Original Packaging; Nespresso Compatible

L’OR Capsules: Prices

As indicated above, L’OR is probably the brand that offers the most varieties of Nespresso-compatible capsules to the market, but not only in terms of flavours and varieties of coffee but also in terms of the number of capsules in its packaging and packages of different coffee selections.

Although it is common to find packs of 10 aluminium capsules, at a price of £2,95 per pack, which is equivalent to £0,35 per capsule, if you want to save some extra money, it is best to buy multi-packs such as those offered in packs of 5 at a price of £13,58 (£0,27 per capsule) or packs of 200 L’OR coffee capsules at £53,22, thus bringing the price of the L’OR capsule down to £0,26.

As you can see, compared to the price of the original Nespresso capsules, which is more than £0.31 per capsule, L’OR compatible capsules are an excellent choice.

How are the L’OR Capsules? Opinions

Due to their wide variety of flavours and their prices, L’OR Nespresso-compatible capsules are a safe bet. Surely within your selection, you will find that capsule with which you will want to start the day every morning, the one with which you can share a delicious coffee with your colleagues or your partner.


Do you have something to celebrate? L’OR capsules will become your perfect companion. Espresso, Ristretto, Lungo, Decaf, Latte, Supreme, Elegant, Deep; there is a L’OR capsule for every moment of the day and for every event.

L’OR Capsules – Where to Buy?

As indicated above, buying L’OR capsules that are compatible with Nespresso is very simple. You can practically buy these coffee capsules at any of the following places:

  • In physical stores: L’OR Nespresso coffee capsules are so popular that they can be found in any supermarket or hypermarket.
  • Official website: Another place where you can buy L’OR compatible capsules is at its official online store, where you can find the full range of the brand’s coffees.
  • At Amazon: At Amazon, as the world’s largest online store, you will find the largest selection of L’OR capsules, special promotions and package offers that are very attractive to the pocket.