Caffé Barbera Capsules

If you are looking for history and modernity in a cup of coffee at Caffé Barbera, you have the key you are looking for. This brand combines these two values in perfect harmony, allowing you to enjoy a unique taste. In addition to the classic ground coffee beans, a great original speciality of the firm, you can also find the Caffé Barbera capsules compatible with Nespresso. A bet with which this company, like so many others, seeks to capture more market share instead of limiting itself to traditional coffee beans.

Originating in Italy in 1870, today there are six generations involved in the production of Barbera coffee, generations who, in each moment of its history, have known how to adapt to the demands of an ever-changing market. It is focusing today on bringing this brand to every corner of the planet, taking advantage of the tools offered by the Internet, and thus inviting people to buy Barbera coffee capsules online.

Caffé Barbera Capsules – Buy online

If you are interested in buying Caffé Barbera coffee capsules online, you should know that, as we have already indicated, they are capsules compatible with Nespresso machines, a relevant fact to take into account.  In this sense, if you want to buy online the coffee capsules of this brand, you should know that, together with Amazon, you will only find them on their official website.

As far as varieties are concerned, the Caffé Barbera brand has an extensive catalogue of varieties: Arabica, Classic, Sencaf, Espresso, Decaf, Bio and Aromagic.

As always, we like to offer you a small catalogue of each brand, including all the varieties you can find in each case. If you are going to buy capsules of Caffé Barberá at Amazon, these are the options available:

Caffé Barbera Capsules – Price

If we have to talk about the price of the Caffé Barbera capsules for Nespresso, that is, the price of each one individually ranges from £0.23 (in the case of the Bío capsules) to £0.35 (in the case of Aromagic).

The capsules are usually presented in boxes of the following quantities: 25, 35, 50, 60, 75 and 100. Depending on the number of capsules purchased, the price will or will not be increased, apart from depending on the variety concerned.

  • Case of 100 capsules of the Arabica variety (there are also presentations of 60 capsules), at the price of £21.00.
  • Box of 100 capsules of the classic variety (there are also presentations of 60 capsules), at the price of £17.00.
  • Case of 100 capsules of the espresso variety (there are also 60 capsules in this case), at the price of £18.00.
  • Box of 100 capsules of decaffeinated variety (there are also presentations of 60 capsules), at the price of £13.00.

There are two other varieties, Aromagic and Bío, of which you can also find cases of 35, 60 or 100 units, more oriented to demanding and trained palates.

What are the Caffé Barbera Capsules like? Opinions

Caffé Barbera

As we have already indicated, one of the essential values of this brand is the perfect conjunction between tradition and innovation, achieving a unique flavour worthy of any palate. This information is necessary for you to decide if you want to buy online each of the varieties you are interested in.

Caffé Barbera’s coffee capsules are a sign of perfection and selection when starting the whole process of elaboration, being this one of the pillars of the brand.

We want to highlight the commitment to the Bio coffee capsule varieties in our catalogue, an option that is not present in all compatible capsule firms.

We haven’t mentioned it above, but apart from Nespresso, Lavazza also sells Caffé Barbera capsules that are compatible with the brand.

Caffé Barbera Capsules – Where to buy?

If you want to buy Caffé Barbera capsules, and with this review, we have solved your doubts; we have to tell you that, unfortunately, you will not find them in physical stores. As usual, in this case, the best option is to buy the capsules of Café Barbera at Amazon.