Caffitaly is not so much a brand, but rather a hard-capsule format, totally different from the usual Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Illy, etc. Therefore, on the market, we can find Caffitaly compatible capsules from very different manufacturers.

Some of them have already been explicitly treated on our websites, such as PopCaffé capsules, Fortaleza, or the well-known Stracto, but mainly because many also sell single-dose capsules of various formats. For this reason, on this page, we will talk exclusively about Caffitaly machine capsules.

The Caffitaly coffee pod system was one of the pioneers in the modern coffee pods industry. Of Italian origin, the system was created in 2004 by a group of young entrepreneurs – passionate about coffee, of course – and retains much of its prestige in the sector thanks precisely to this long history. The first Caffitaly factories were built in Gaggio Montano, in the region of Bologna.

Today, thanks to the boom in coffee capsules throughout Europe, the company has reaffirmed its position and expanded its business lines from the transalpine country to the outside world.

How are the Caffitaly capsules?

The capsules of the Caffitaly system have nothing to do with other formats, as each one is independent. They are single-dose capsules with a different shape and size from those of, for example, Nespresso or Dolce Gusto capsules. So they are only suitable for Caffitaly coffee machines.

We think it is essential to insist on this in particular: Caffitaly is not a brand but a coffee pod format with its technology.

In this picture, you can see in detail what the capsules look like for Caffitaly:

caffitaly coffee pod image

However, the difference between Caffitaly capsules and other formats lies mainly in the interior.

We do not have a clear enough picture to be able to show you this. Still, the most exciting thing is that all the capsules of the Caffitaly system have a double filter (one in the upper part, where the water enters, and another in the lower part, where the coffee leaves). The capsules of the other formats usually have only one filter.

Inside the single dose, 8 grams of ground coffee of the most diverse specialities and origins. And of course, then there is the technology of the Caffitaly brand coffee makers, which is responsible for extracting and making the most of all the virtues of this system.

Which capsules are compatible with Caffitaly?

As we say, many brands manufacture capsules for Caffitaly. Most of them are of Italian origin (the country where this system is most popular and where the most significant number of Caffitaly coffee makers exist). For that reason, they do not have much presence everywhere.

We can cite firms such as Fortaleza, Stracto or Ecaffé, as examples of the most representative brands of Caffitaly compatible capsules operating in our country.

Let’s get to know some of them more closely:

Caffitaly capsules Fortaleza

Fortaleza markets single-dose capsules compatible with various formats, and among them, of course, is Caffitaly. Its popularity on the Internet dated to several years ago when they started marketing Nespresso-compatible single-dose capsules.

Since then, Fortaleza’s capsules and their unmistakable logo can be found in almost all supermarkets and department stores in our territory.

The Fortaleza capsules for Caffitaly are not so famous, but we must make room for them on this page.

Caffitaly Stracto capsules

Also known as Caffitaly Fagor capsules, as they are manufactured for the well-known coffee maker Fagor Stracto. It is a rather exceptional case; a few users know that this machine is compatible with the Caffitaly system and, although it has its Stracto capsule catalogue, at the end of the day, it could accept Caffitaly-compatible capsules from any other brand.

We won’t dwell on this brand too much because we have already done so on the exclusive Stracto capsules page for Caffitaly.

corposso stracto, 10 Coffee Capsules
corposso stracto, 10 Coffee Capsules
corposso stracto, 10 coffee capsules; Ship Very discrete; 24/48 hours in your home

Other capsules compatible with the Caffitaly system

Without highlighting any brand above others, this section is a summary of the other manufacturers of capsules compatible with Caffitaly that can be purchased online.

As you can see, there are some new tasting packs, which include varieties from different manufacturers and thus allow you to try several different ones and discover new alternatives:

Caffitaly refillable capsules

The Caffitaly refillable capsules could not be missing in this review, an accessory that also exists for other capsule formats and that allows you above all two things:

  • Save money, because a single reusable Caffitaly capsule can be used for hundreds of purposes (up to 500, according to the manufacturers) and is cheaper than conventional capsules in the long run.
  • Enjoy the coffee you want. You can buy any coffee beans, grind them at home, and serve them inside your Caffitaly refillable capsule.

If you need to buy reusable Caffitaly capsules, know that they are all like the examples we have put here: stainless steel single-dose and in individual packs.

They work just like the refillable ones of any other system: fill them with your favourite ground coffee blend, make your coffee in your machine, and clean it well after you have finished – ready for the next use!

Caffitaly Capsule Accessories

Of course, if we consume Caffitaly compatible capsules at home, we will also need accessories and specific storage for them. Remember that they are not the same size or shape as other formats, so conventional capsules will not work for you!

There are several storage systems for Caffitaly capsules at Amazon, most of them in the wire tower format. Here are some examples:

CAFFITALY Capsule Holder suitable for Ecaffe, Crem Caffe', Dualit
CAFFITALY Capsule Holder suitable for Ecaffe, Crem Caffe', Dualit
Storer for Caffitaly Capsules; Up to 32 capsules can be stored - 4 columns; Steeel wired on sturdy rotatable base
Coffee Capsules Pod Holder for Dolce Gusto/Nespresso/caffitaly Capsules Storage Coffee Machine Base
Coffee Capsules Pod Holder for Dolce Gusto/Nespresso/caffitaly Capsules Storage Coffee Machine Base
Made of metal matrial,which is durable and elegant.; Special design for storaging at the base of coffee machine.
Black Coffee Pod Holder 360 Degree Rotating Rack Stand Coffee Capsule Storage Organizer for 32pcs...
Black Coffee Pod Holder 360 Degree Rotating Rack Stand Coffee Capsule Storage Organizer for 32pcs...
The capsules in the picture are not included!Only fit for Caffitaly Capsule!; This capsule holder holds up to 32 Caffitaly Capsule;

Which coffee makers use Caffitaly capsules?

There are several of the ones sold on the Internet, starting of course with Caffitaly coffee machines (from the Italian brand itself) but also with very different models such as the Fagor Stracto or the Tchibo brand coffee machines.

Where to buy Caffitaly capsules?

And to conclude our article, let’s review where you can buy single doses for this capsule system. The truth is that buying capsules that are compatible with the Caffitaly System is quite complicated because, as we mentioned at the beginning, it is a very localised system in Italy and does not have its brand.

Therefore, it depends on the individual distribution of any of the many manufacturers that market capsules compatible with Caffitaly. And this is a format that is not yet among the most popular.

Of course, you can also find Caffitaly capsules on Amazon, which is the method we recommend.

And your official website? Well, unfortunately, the shop on the official Caffitaly website only operates within the Italian territory, so it is not possible to buy Caffitaly capsules online by this means.