Caffé Vergnano Capsules

Within the world of compatible coffee capsules, there is no doubt that Italian manufacturers enjoy special prestige among consumers. Italy is the birthplace of espresso, and in terms of quality, the origin of the country is a guarantee.

Today we are going to talk about one of those brands of Italian coffee capsules: the Caffé Vergnano capsules. It is a format of compostable capsules, characterized by a small variety of specialities (we’ll get to know them later) and by an enormous purity of aromas. This firm, by the way, also markets coffee beans, but we will focus on the single-dose ones.

Caffé Vergnano is a firm that dates back to no less than the 19th century and is founded in 1882. Its line of business includes all formats of domestic coffee: ground coffee, coffee beans and Caffé Vergnano compatible capsules. It is of Italian origin, and its headquarters are in Santena (Turin), based in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

As the slogan of the Caffé Vergnano capsules says: a coffee like this is not drunk; it is chosen. The espresso in the Vergnano capsules for Nespresso is made thinking only of the gourmet consumer, the one with the most demanding profile and who does not look only at “the cheap capsules”.

Caffé Vergnano Capsules – Buy online

There are currently six varieties of Caffé Vergnano capsules on the market that are compatible with Nespresso, and all of them can be composted. Of course, all are different espresso blends (no mixed drinks with milk). They are these:

  • Creamy.
  • Intense.
  • Arabica.
  • Lungo.
  • Bio.
  • Decaf.

They are sold in packages of 10 units, or in bigger boxes of 50, which are more economical. Here’s a sample of the latter:

Single-dose E.S.E. Vergnano

In addition to Nespresso-compatible capsules, Vergnano also offers ESE pods for use in armoured coffee machines that support this format.

There are only three varieties (Decaffeinated, Espresso and Gran Aroma), and they are sold in packs of 36 units each. Every single dose of Caffé Vergnano paper costs between 18 and 20 cents, depending on the offer at the time.

Caffé Vergnano Capsules for Nespresso – Prices

An important factor when buying Caffé Vergnano capsules on Amazon is the price. However, we have already said that the main quality of this manufacturer is not so much the economy but the quality of its coffee; there is no doubt that many users explore the universe of compatible capsules with the intention of saving a few cents on each cup.

Although we already know that prices in this sector can change over time, in general terms, each Vergnano compatible capsule costs around 28-30 cents, considerably less than the official ones.

How are the Capsules of Caffé Vergnano? Opinions and comments

caffe vergnano

The conclusion when tasting the Vergnano capsules is that it is a very pure espresso, very careful during the whole process (aromas and nuances) and where the coffee bean is pampered from the initial phase of roasting.

Once again, there is a big difference between brands that only sell capsules that are compatible with the objective of becoming fashionable, and the brands of lifetime espresso coffee (as is the case of Caffé Vergnano), which have been offering a good product to their consumers for decades and that at a given moment decide to put their own coffee on sale, with the same virtues and qualities as always, also in the format of the capsules or single pods.

Vergnano capsules for Nespresso –  Where to buy them?

The best option is to buy your Vergnano capsules online, as it is quite difficult to find them in physical stores. For that reason, all the links to buy in this review are to Amazon.

Interestingly, Amazon is the only open online channel for the distribution of Nespresso Vergnano capsules. They cannot be purchased online, even though their own website.