Water Filters For Coffee Machines

Let’s cut to the chase and start from the beginning: What are water filters? Water filters for coffee makers are an increasingly popular accessory for users of automatic espresso machines.

What is a water filter for? Well, their main function is very simple: they filter the water in the coffee machine’s tank and guarantee that the water used in our coffee machines will be free from impurities.

This has a double advantage: on the one hand, it improves the quality of our coffee (especially if we use tap water), and on the other hand, it delays the appearance of lime and other sediments both in the tank itself and in the internal pipes of the coffee machine. Pure water prolongs the life of your coffee machine. Do not hesitate.

WARNING: Water filters for coffee machines have nothing to do with a Brita jug or the typical mineral water purification machines (designed for direct consumption of the drinking water itself).

The use of mineral water (the bottled water of a lifetime) is a good option to ensure a better taste and quality of the espresso but, as its name indicates (“mineral”), this type of water will also leave numerous remains and sediments both in the tank and, in the long run, in the circuitry of our coffee maker. The ideal is to use a water filter for our coffee maker, always.

Water filters for coffee machines: Prices and brands

If you want to know where to buy water filters, the answer is clear: the easiest way is to do it online. At Amazon, you can buy a water filter online of any model, and in a few hours, you have it at home. This is the most convenient option since, unfortunately, this type of accessory for coffee makers is not always available in all shops with the variety and quantity that users would need.

As is normal, on our page, we are going to talk exclusively about water filters for coffee machines. We are not going to mention other types of filters such as tap water filters, drinking water filters, and even less homemade water filters.

Here is a first overview of the main coffee machine filters on the market, together with their prices and packs available for sale. The list always shows the current prices and offers!

De Longhi Water Filter DLSC002 (Pack of 1)
De Longhi Water Filter DLSC002 (Pack of 1)
Reduces lime scale; Helps to improve the taste and aroma of your coffee; Can help to extend the life of the coffee machine.

How does a water filter work?

In this section, we will explain how a water filter for coffee machines works. The concept is simple: the water, as it flows through the tank, filters from the reservoir, making a long journey before entering the coffee machine. During this journey, the water passes through a series of micro-porous filters that trap impurities and allow only pure water to pass through.

These porous filters are the spare parts that you must replace (more often depending on the use of the coffee machine, but normally every 3 months) inside the filtering device itself.

In the following video, you can see more clearly how a water filter for coffee makers works:

Which water filter is better?

There really is no one water filter better than another. There are different systems, each compatible with a particular model or brand of the coffee machine. In most cases, you won’t have to go looking to buy the best water filter available, but check which filter system your coffee machine’s water tank is compatible with.

There are two main models or systems: The Brita and the Saeco AquaClean. We will now give you a brief overview of each of them.

Brita Intenza water filters

Brita is a very popular water purification filter system worldwide, especially thanks to the drinking water filters (the classic water tap filters) and, of course, the well-known Brita water jug.

For coffee machines, Brita markets a specific filter for coffee machines under the name of Brita Intenza. Intenza is a specific Brita product, which exists for many models and brands of coffee machines. This means that it is not enough to buy a Brita Intenza filter; you have to look for a compatible filter for your machine. So, there are the Brita Intenza filters for Saeco, Brita Intenza for Bosch, Intenza for Siemens, and many more.

To find out which coffee makers are compatible with Brita filters, we recommend that you consult the manual for your coffee maker directly or consult the compatibility guide on the Brita website.

There are also filters compatible with the Brita Intenza system, such as the AquaHouse filters (for coffee makers too).

AquaClean water filters

In addition, Philips and Saeco have also developed their own water filter for coffee machines under the name AquaClean. The only catch is that the Aquaclean filters only work with a few Saeco automatic coffee machines. However, it is not difficult to tell which ones: if your Saeco coffee machine is compatible with the AquaClean water filters, then it will have a distinctive sticker or logo.

AquaClean filters are attached to the water tank of the coffee maker and work by means of ion exchange technology. The AquaClean device has the appearance of a small plastic container. It has a microporous filter that needs to be changed every 3 months or so to prevent impurities from getting into the coffee maker.

The use of an AquaClean filter guarantees the disappearance of limescale deposits from your superautomatic coffee machine for approximately 5000 services (always according to the manufacturer’s data and in medium-hard water). Some models even automatically deactivate the limescale alarm when a water filter like this is installed.

Saeco AquaClean Limescale and Water Filter Double Pack
Saeco AquaClean Limescale and Water Filter Double Pack
No Indicator for up to 5,000 cups with 8 of filter change; Prevents limescale build up thanks to ion exchange technology for pure water