Sugar bowls

If we have to name the inseparable companions of coffee, those elements that inevitably come to mind when we think of our favourite drink, we would certainly start with milk and sugar.

And it is to the latter that we would like to give a little bit of prominence on our page, because who doesn’t keep sugar in their house, where do we store it so that it doesn’t lose its condition and at the same time allows us to have it always at hand? That is: in a sugar bowl.

There are sugar bowls of all styles, materials and prices. We will simply give you an overview of what this product is, what options there are on the market, and what its most important qualities are. After all, consumers are not usually looking to buy a particular sugar bowl online, but simply one that is beautiful and fits our budget. Yes, or no?

Types of Sugar Bowls

When buying a sugar bowl, at Amazon or any other shop, it is important to be clear about what you are going to use it for. We can distinguish above all two types of sugar bowls (or two uses, rather): sugar bowls for cooking and those used for drinking coffee or professional preparations (baristas and others).

The former are simply containers that allow the sugar to be stored inside, in a stagnant and safe manner, without allowing the entry of aromas or other elements that could alter the original properties of this ingredient.

Many of these are spoon-top sugar bowls, i.e. they already have their own matching spoon to serve the sugar. They are used to make the sugar easily available in the kitchen, while we prepare any recipe.

The second ones are sugar bowls with a dispenser. They are used exclusively in the world of coffee and baristas, and are used to serve the right amount of sugar in the coffee that the diner wants. No more, no less.

They are quite different from the classic sugar bowl, which is why we have dedicated an exclusive section to them:

Sugar dispensers

Sugar bowls with dispensers are characterised by several keynotes:

  • They are transparent, so that you can see the state of the sugar inside. Sugar is an ingredient that we are going to pour into our coffee, and that is not something to be trifled with. It is a very serious thing. It is necessary to detect any imperfection or foreign element in time.
  • To achieve the transparency effect, the sugar dispensers are usually made of glass or acrylic plastic.
  • They have a small steel or aluminium tube at the top, which acts as a dispenser. This allows both baristas and customers to pour the right amount into the coffee, without having to stick to the fixed doses of the sugar sachets.
  • Its capacity is usually between 20 and 25 cl.

Sugar dispensers are widely used in the world of baristas (you can find some models in our guide to barista accessories) not only for sugar but also for serving other condiments such as cocoa powder, cinnamon or panela. We can also find them on the tables of some specialized cafeterias, which avoid the waste of conventional sugar sachets.

Original Sugar Bowls

Let’s give our imagination free rein. Some people are reluctant to accept that the container for storing sugar should be a simple vessel, without a message, without a personality, without a spoon, without a soul. A warm element that we open and close every morning to put a spoonful of sugar in the coffee without even stopping to look at it.

The manufacturers of the original sugar bowls you will see below have thought of all those non-conformist customers who are looking for “something more” when buying their sugar bowl. And the result is what we see in the gallery below: modern sugar bowls, with surprising shapes, and also some original proposals but within a classic pattern.

Have you noticed the sugar bowl in the shape of an elephant, which throws the sugar down its trunk? Or the Star Wars sugar bowl? And what about a sugar bowl with a totally spherical shape? It won’t be by choice!

Of course, you can always walk around your local home improvement shop in search of an original sugar bowl, but we assure you that it will be difficult to find specimens like the ones we have just shown you.

Vintage Sugar Bowls

In contrast to modern sugar bowls, we find retro or vintage sugar bowls. We don’t need to explain how they are, right? They are containers that remind us of times gone by and take us back to another era.

They look like a can, rickety and simple. But behind them, they hide a very careful design and purpose. In addition, we can find retro sugar bowls with a dispenser or a spoon. Whatever type you are looking for, there is a model of this style for you.

Vintage sugar bowls fit perfectly into classic or rustic kitchens, and as you can see in the gallery below, they don’t have to be boring, far from it. In fact, colour is usually one of their main features.

Glass Sugar Bowls

We will now make a brief distinction between the three most common types of domestic sugar bowls, according to their material. We will start with the glass sugar bowls, whose main feature is, of course, to show the state of the sugar inside. They are very useful for detecting impurities, dregs or remains of other foods.

Most of the sugar dispensers used in the world of coffee and in professional environments are made of glass. The rest (which are almost always fitted with a serving spoon) resemble a glass jar, just like that.

If you want to buy a glass sugar bowl, here are some of the options available at the Amazon shop.

Totally Addict KS9098 Sugar Dispenser, Glass, Transparent, 7.5 x 7.5 x 15 cm
275 ml.; Stainless steel - glass.; Dimensions: 7.5 x 7. 5 x 17 5 cm.

Ceramic Sugar Bowls

Ceramic sugar bowls have a somewhat more decorative purpose, and give more importance to the aesthetic aspect as they usually allow the inclusion of messages or decorations on their walls.

The characteristic that distinguishes most ceramic sugar bowls is that the colour white predominates in their composition.

Joytoy Star Wars-BB 8" Sugar Bowl with Ceramic Spoon, White/Orange, 8 x 12 x 16 cm
Colour: white/orange; With ceramic spoon; Unit: 10x10x14 cm
Sugar Bowl, Ceramic Sugar Bowl with Lid and Bamboo Spoon for Home and Kitchen - Mountain Design,...
Made of durable, beautiful ceramic materials; The sugar bowl is microwave and dishwasher safe
Judge Porcelain Ceramic White 275ml Sugar Serving Bowl
Oven and microwave safe; Fridge and freezer safe; Dishwasher safe
77L Sugar Bowl, Ceramic Sugar Bowl with Sugar Spoon and Bamboo Lid for Home and Kitchen, Elegant...
We guarantee quality and service. Fully Refund if you are unsatisfied!

Stainless Steel Sugar Bowls

Thirdly, we will talk about stainless steel sugar bowls.

These are mostly classic sugar bowls, very sober in their design and with hardly any ornamentation. They should not be confused with aluminium sugar bowls, which are often presented in the form of a tin or jar to store any ingredient (not necessarily sugar).

For us it is the most recommendable option if you want to buy a sugar bowl online thinking in the long term, that it will last you a long time, and that you are going to use it a lot. Without worrying about other issues. Practical and functional.

Before thinking about buying your stainless steel sugar bowl, take a look at this selection of articles:

Newness Stainless Steel Sugar Bowl Salt Pot with Clear Lid and Serving Spoons, Function Sugar...
Measures: 8.94*8.94*8.56cm/3.52 *3.52*3.37in. Holds 7.6 OZ (225 ML).; Material: Made of Stainless Steel, making it incredibly durable.
Lacor-62003-SUGAR BOWL 0,35
Stainless steel; Elegant design; Made of 18/10 stainless steel; Dishwasher safe; Capacity 0.35 litres
Sugar Pot with Spoon (560 ml)
sugar bowl with spoon
Café Ole Stainless Steel Sugar Bowl, Mirror Finish, 11.5 x 10 x 10 cm
An attractive sugar bowl complete with lid and spoon; With an all metal construction, this product is durable and easy to clean.

Sugar and salt shaker sets

It is also very common to look for the typical sugar and salt shaker sets, as long as our goal is to find containers to store the condiments in the kitchen. You can find pairs of these two elements to match, with the same decoration, or even integrated within a wider set of containers for spices (sugar, salt, pepper, herbs, etc.).

The truth is that buying a set of sugar and salt shakers is quite economical and is a good option to complete the necessary household and kitchen equipment for your home.

As you can see in the next gallery, the designs, shapes and styles in sugar and salt shakers are very varied and there are sets for all tastes. From modern sugar and salt shakers, with a very marked personality, to a couple of jars or containers that would hardly attract attention in your kitchen.

Dcasa – Kitchen Salt and Sugar Shakers Super Original Acrylic - Phrases Design
Sugar shaker size: 8 x 8 x 8cm.; Salt shaker size: 10 x 10 x 10cm.; Kitchen salt and sugar super original acrylic phrases design.
YLLTLP Spice Jars seasoning box kitchen ceramics Seasoning container Condiment bottles Seasoning...
Made of ceramic, high-end texture.; With solid wood frame, strong and durable.; Smooth surface does not hurt the hand.
DecentGadget® 3PCS White Ceramic Spice Jar Set with Spoons Condiment Jar Kitchen Seasoning Box with...
Made of thick white ceramic, the surface is smooth and the texture is hard; Set of 3 cylindrical bowl with beautiful porcelain serving tray
Panda H&K Sugar Bowl with Lid and Spoon, 2 Stainless Steel Salt Bowl Spice Jars Set Condiment Pots-...
Clear Glass Lid-- It's Convenient for You to Check How Much It Still Contains.; Capacity: 330ml/ 11.6oz
Edward Jackson Gray Blue Gold Rim Ceramic Sugar Can Salt Shaker Set Of Four Sets Of Flower And Fruit...
Made of high-quality materials and fired at high temperature, smooth and delicate texture.