Gooseneck Coffee Kettles

Perhaps the gooseneck coffee kettle is not very well known; you will even be surprised to read this name if you have come to this page by chance. But beyond our borders, they are a very popular tool, as they are essential for preparing a coffee in optimal conditions.

Gooseneck coffee pour-over is closely related to Whistling Kettles and Electric Kettles, and in today’s article, we will learn more about them. What is a gooseneck coffee maker? How is it used, and what exactly is a gooseneck coffee kettle for?

To begin with, here are some of the most popular models on the market today:

Characteristics of gooseneck coffee kettle

  • Naturally, the gooseneck is the most striking element of these coffee kettle. Its function is to allow the user to control the water spray on the coffee as precisely as possible.
  • The thermometer is usually integrated into the lid.
  • The handle must be heat-insulated, usually made of wood or similar materials. The coffee maker must be handled by hand, so it is important to be careful.
  • The smallest coffee kettle usually have a capacity (size) of 0.5 litres and the most generous ones a little more than one litre.
The thermometer of a gooseneck coffee maker

Why are these coffee makers with thermometer?

You may have noticed that many of the gooseneck coffee kettles have a thermometer. And you’re wondering why, aren’t you?

Well, the reason is simple: haven’t you ever heard of “boiled coffee, lost coffee“? If the water is too hot, it can ruin the best ground coffee or the best raw material, and that is impossible to control in conventional kettles.

A gooseneck coffee pour-over, as we want to use it specifically for making coffee, does have to control these details, and that’s why many models include the thermometer on top. This way, you never risk pouring the water too hot on the freshly ground coffee, nor too cold (which will prevent the coffee from filtering properly).

How do you use a gooseneck coffee kettle?

Using a gooseneck coffee maker is actually very simple, although we’ve left a video below in case you’re not clear on the explanation.

The first thing is to fill your coffee pot with water and heat it up. As we have already said, many of them have a thermometer so that you know when the water has reached its ideal temperature without overheating.

Note: Never fill your gooseneck coffee maker to the top because if the water boils, it will end up spilling.

When the water is ready, pour it over your drip cone or pour-over coffee maker. The characteristic gooseneck coffee pour-over of these containers will help you to spray the water with the necessary speed and precision to obtain an excellent filtered coffee. Of course, you can always pour the water from another container, but the result will not be the same.

You know that to achieve an optimal result in this drip cone method, it is very important that the water is served evenly over the entire surface of the ground coffee and with the right intensity. The gooseneck makes the water come out with a very fine and easily controlled thread. You will have a smooth and exact water flow.

The best coffee kettle with thermometer and gooseneck

If we had to choose the best gooseneck coffee kettle, we would probably keep this model from the renowned firm Coffee Gator. The reason is that it has four essential features that make it stand out from conventional gooseneck teapots:

  • First quality material: surgical stainless steel.
  • Generous size: 1.2 litres.
  • Thermometer incorporated in the lid.
  • A first-class international brand that supports the product.