Coffee Trays

When we enjoy coffee at home, or when we have visitors, it is always appropriate to have coffee trays to serve things with comfort and elegance. Coffee trays allow us to carry everything we need for a one-way service, and also prevent tables or tablecloths from getting stained if something is accidentally spilt.

When it comes to coffee cup trays, or breakfast trays, we have to differentiate them from typical lunch trays. The latter are usually larger (because they need to accommodate larger plates) and do not need to have handles or high edges.

There are many options on the market, but if you are going to buy a tray to serve coffee we recommend that you choose a model that is nice and that refers in some way to this drink. They are not at all expensive, and can always add a touch of distinction to your living room or kitchen. Here are a few examples:

Types of coffee trays

We can clearly distinguish two types of coffee trays: loose trays to serve the cups, glasses or mugs on top, or organising trays with compartments to place all the accessories of a coffee service: individual sugar or sweetener sachets, stirrers, glasses, etc.

The former usually have a decorative as well as a practical function, while the latter are known as coffee organisers. They focus more on service and leave few concessions to aesthetics. Coffee organisers more or less look like this:

These are the essential features that a good coffee tray should have:

  • Material that is resistant and not damaged by spills. It can be made of wood, but of course the wood will have to resist water and liquids well.
  • Sufficient capacity to carry glasses or cups, and plates. There are larger or smaller trays for carrying coffee. The important thing is that it adapts to the size you need in your house.
  • Coffee decoration. It is not indispensable, but many times coffee trays differ from food trays simply in their design.
  • Large handles: coffee trays are usually not just for putting things on, but for transporting them from one place to another. So you’ll need handles on each side, and they’ll need to be comfortable.

When buying a coffee tray from Amazon, pay attention to these details, and you will avoid confusing it with a simple food serving tray.

Our choice: the best coffee tray

There are many similar ones, but we like this wooden and metal tray for its design alluding to our favourite drink, for its fresh and casual style, and for the height of its grid edges, which allow us to use it also as a breakfast tray and to serve scones, croissants or any other coffee accompaniment.

The dimensions of this model are 15 x 2 x 11″ (large) and 13 x 2 x 9″ inches (small).

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Tramontina coffee tray

We have not chosen this one because its value for money is clearly less attractive than the one above. And because it is not specific to coffee. But this Tramontina wooden tray is, overall, a higher quality tray than the previous one. We leave it to you as an option, in case you want to indulge yourself:

Decorated coffee trays

Plain or decorated coffee organisation trays? Taste is in the mix, but a patterned tray will always be more attractive than a completely plain tray.

Decorated coffee trays are usually made of melamine or plastic (basically because wood is more difficult to decorate), but there are also trays made of better materials as long as you are willing to pay a little more.

There are finishes and colours for all tastes, although in this type of article -we don’t know why- the retro and rustic style predominates. Here you have some options:

Wooden coffee trays

When we look for a coffee tray at Amazon we will find two materials, mainly plastic or melamine, and wood. The former is perhaps more practical, but the latter are more beautiful, distinguished, and durable if we take good care of them.

Bamboo trays are also very common, but these are more often used to serve tea, and therefore we leave them out of our list for the moment. Although, of course, for coffee, you can serve the same, except that usually have no edges, or will have very low.

These are some of the best wooden coffee trays we have seen on Amazon:

FTVOGUE Serving Tray Rectangle Wooden Tea Tray Serving Table Plate Snacks Food Storage Dish for...
FTVOGUE Serving Tray Rectangle Wooden Tea Tray Serving Table Plate Snacks Food Storage Dish for...
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Wooden Serving Tray Clear or Walnut Varnish 40x30x6cm | 16x12x2.25' (Dark Red Mahogany)
Wooden Serving Tray Clear or Walnut Varnish 40x30x6cm | 16x12x2.25" (Dark Red Mahogany)
Wooden Serving Tray clear or walnut varnish 40x30x6cm | 16x12x2.25"; Ideal for breakfast in bed, carrying drinks and more.Perfect as a small house warming gift
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VINN DUNN Mahogany Solid Wood Breakfast Tray | Wooden Serving Platters| Serving Tray With Handles |...
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SUPERLY - Wooden Serving Tray with Handles, Decorative Wood Tray, for Eating, Coffee Table, Living...
Smooth Surface – Fine Wood Will Not Scratch Or Snag Your Ottoman Top.

Coffee trays to go

These are trays with cup holders, very useful in offices or for those occasions when a high number of coffees have to be transported from one place to another (for example, we go to the café across the street, order six coffees to go, and then bring them to our colleagues in the office).

These trays for coffee cups usually have a capacity of 6 pieces, although there are of course larger ones. It already depends on your pulse and the amount of drinks you usually carry. Needless to say, these trays are not the most suitable for use at home (they are only for glasses, not for plates or accessories).

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