Coffee Spoons

Coffee spoons are an unavoidable element of coffee consumption almost everywhere in the world, with the exception of some preparations such as Turkish coffee, which do not need to be stirred.

Their main task is to stir the coffee in order to dissolve the sugar, sweetener, milk or any other ingredient added later. Although it has, in some cases, an obvious decorative purpose.

The coffee spoons can be found in different formats. On the one hand, they can be part of cutlery, within a very large set of dozens of pieces for all uses. They can also be found in the coffee sets, accompanying the glasses (or cups) together with their coffee dishes, all matching.

But the most common thing is to buy your coffee spoon sets separately, without the need to combine them with the glass or cup where the drink is served. The coffee spoons have a very practical mission, so in many cases, and especially in the hotel industry, are purchased looking to reduce costs as much as possible.

As you can see through this gallery, the most common material to find is stainless steel coffee spoons. There can be different shapes and designs (although it is difficult to get out of a classic pattern), but steel is a common denominator in almost all the coffee spoons we find in the market.

Some exceptions to this rule are porcelain coffee spoons, ceramic coffee spoons, or even some ecological coffee spoons, such as wooden ones, which do not leave any residue in the environment.

The usual plastic coffee spoons, or stirrers, which are disposable (single-use), are outside the scope of this guide, apart from the fact that they cannot strictly be called spoons, and also have a special page on our website.

Porcelain coffee spoons

Porcelain coffee spoons are usually white in colour, with an attractive design, and should only be used in coffee sets of the same style (they do not need to match, but what cannot be is that we serve a porcelain coffee spoon together with a cane glass).

When buying your porcelain coffee spoons, be careful not to confuse the porcelain with the ceramic. They have nothing to do with each other, although you will not notice when you use them.

As with the stainless steel coffee spoons, the porcelain ones are offered in sets of 6 units. It is complicated to find packs of greater quantity, although everything is possible.

Bamboo coffee spoons

The wooden coffee spoons, and more specifically the bamboo ones, are the ideal choice for those who care about the environment, sustainability and the future of our planet. It is a material that leaves no residue in nature, and is therefore much more environmentally conscious.

These bamboo coffee spoons, in addition, by their form are also suitable for use with other types of ingredients, such as jam, honey, infusions, etc.

Their price per unit at the end is somewhat higher than that of the traditional teaspoons, but the investment is certainly worth it.

Original coffee spoons

If you’re looking to buy original coffee spoon sets, the options you’ll find are mostly in the designs on the handles, and in some very bright colour finishes, away from the traditional metal coffee spoon.

There are not many other options, since in the end a coffee spoon must have a very determined length and shape in the blade to be able to fulfil its purpose (at the risk of losing its condition as a spoon).

Below you will find a selection of the best original coffee spoons that you can find on Amazon, and that you will surely not see in your usual bazaar or home improvement shop:

Cheap coffee spoons

The best way to find cheap coffee spoons is to turn to the classic oriental manufacturers, those brands that we can only find in bazaars (also on Amazon, of course) and that we have never heard of in our lives.

It should be noted that economy coffee spoons are determined not by the final sales price of the set, but by the price at which each unit is sold. So we must be careful to ensure that we always compare sets of coffee spoons of the same size.

As a general rule, anything below one pound per unit can be considered a good buy from an economic point of view. If you would like to see some examples of cheap coffee spoons sold on Amazon today, here is a short selection

Ikea coffee spoons

Well, yes, we know that at Ikea we have everything. And coffee spoons are no exception.

Some of the best known are the Dragon coffee spoons, which are part of the cutlery of the same name from the well-known Swedish firm, but can also be bought loose. They are stainless steel coffee spoons, and their designer is Carl Gustaff Johnson.

Their price at the time of writing is £5 for a set of 6 units. Very economical, aren’t they? They are also on Amazon, although in this one they are significantly more expensive than in their original shop.

Grams of a coffee spoon

How many grams does a coffee spoon have? This is a very common question in the world of cooking and recipes, because teaspoons are a very common measure for using ingredients in small quantities. Who has not ever read the typical expression of “a teaspoon of oil” or “a small spoon of salt”?

The reason for using teaspoons and their grams for cooking is that they are an element, just like soup spoons (the big ones), that is always present in our kitchen and therefore we can make use of them at any time.

However, their equivalence in grams cannot be stated exactly. It depends on the ingredient with which it is being used. For example:

  • One teaspoon of oil: 3 grams.
  • One teaspoon of sugar: 4 grams.
  • One teaspoon of salt: 4 grams.
  • One teaspoon of coffee: 5 grams.

These are just a few examples, but they will help you realise that you cannot give an exact measurement of grams. In all of them, the instrument used to measure is the same coffee spoon. But there is room for different densities in this small space, depending on the food you choose.