Coffee Sets

When we have guests at home, or the much loved and hated (equally) family reunions, a good coffee set becomes a must on the table. Coffee sets say a lot about the personality of the hosts, define their taste and lay the foundation for a pleasant after-dinner meeting.

That’s why we couldn’t miss out on this selection of coffee and tea sets in our online shop: coffee cups sets (or coffee mug sets, for that matter) with their saucers, spoons and sugar bowls to make the evening complete and make a good coffee look great.

As you can see, in our shop we have coffee tableware for all tastes, from antique (or retro-looking) coffee sets to modern coffee sets with avant-garde designs. Which are your favourites?

What does a coffee set contain?

Coffee sets are sets of coffee cups, or coffee glasses, usually just the right size for tasting an espresso (no, they are not like the big breakfast cups, which we have in another section of our shop -> Visit our big coffee mugs shop). They also contain the saucer, and usually the spoon to stir the drink, although the latter is optional.

Depending on what you are looking for, you can find simpler or more complete coffee sets. It is not the same to buy a set of coffee cups for everyday use as it is for big occasions. They should not be confused with coffee shop sets, which essentially contain the same components, but in much greater numbers and with adapted materials for greater durability (as they must withstand many services and industrial washing).

If we buy a large coffee set, then to each individual cup – saucer – spoon set, we will have to add other common pieces of larger size, which make the final price considerably more expensive.

Another possibility, although not strictly speaking coffee sets, are cups or mugs sets with special characteristics. For example, latte macchiato glasses (very tall, and always made of glass) or cappuccino cups, also larger than espresso cups. Not to mention thermal mugs or disposable coffee cups.

Buying coffee cup sets: Tips

Before buying a set of coffee cups we must take into account several variables.

Firstly, its size, which can be measured in pieces or in number of people. A coffee set of 52 pieces for 12 people is not the same (let’s say that each individual set is made up of 4 pieces, plus some additional elements such as coffee or sugar jars), or a simpler set of 12 pieces for four people, where each set is made up of just the coffee cup or glass, the saucer and the stirring spoon.

The second aspect to consider before buying designer coffee sets is the material. Most of the sets you see in our shop are ceramic coffee sets or porcelain coffee sets. The first ones are usually cheap coffee sets, and the second ones quite expensive. However, there are also some glass cup sets, and of course the traditional tall latte macchiato glasses, which are also made of glass so that the consumer can see the contrast of colours inside.

In any case, we always offer you original coffee sets (none of the typical Zara home coffee sets).

Porcelain coffee sets

Porcelain coffee sets are not for everyday use, but we always like to have one at home for special guests or distinguished visitors. Isn’t it?

A porcelain coffee set usually consists of a set of cups + plates, and a coffee mug for each person to pour their coffee directly from it. The number of pieces varies between 6 and 12 services. They usually have a classic style, but we can also find examples of porcelain coffee sets with more modern and casual designs.

Well, when buying porcelain coffee sets at Amazon we find options as varied as these:

Antique coffee sets

Old coffee sets should really be classified as retro or vintage coffee sets, because in the end it is their aesthetics (and not their age) that rules. They also serve as exponents of the classic coffee sets, although for us “classic” and “vintage” are not necessarily synonymous.

It is difficult to define the design pattern that governs the old coffee sets, but a look at the images will surely give you an idea:

Modern coffee sets

These modern coffee sets are at the antipodes of the proposals in the previous section. Here you will hardly find flower cups, or unpolluted white coffee sets, without ornament.

In our opinion, a modern coffee set is colourful, bold, cheerful, colourful. Come on, just what you see in the next gallery:

Original coffee sets

It is difficult to distinguish between original or simply “modern” coffee sets, such as those we have seen before. Not for nothing, we have been weighing up until the last hour whether to treat both types separately or not.

In the end, we have chosen to offer these original coffee sets independently, with designs and above all lines (geometries) that are outside the usual standards. You know: round and low cups, perfectly circular plates.

We have done so because we understand that some coffee sets can be modern, up-to-date, far from the classic, but not necessarily original or surprising. So here you have a good selection of original coffee sets, with little-seen lines.

The question of design, engravings and decorations is another matter.

Children’s coffee sets

Children also have the right to enjoy, not coffee of course, but the ritual that takes place around a cup and a gathering of loved ones. That’s why we make room for children’s coffee sets.

They may be satisfied with milk, chocolate or milkshakes, but they are certainly looking forward to having their own children’s coffee set, like the ones for adults, but adapted to their size and tastes (you know, bright colours, funny designs, resistant materials).

Children’s coffee sets are usually made of plastic, and sometimes they come with a toy coffee machine (we won’t talk about them, because they already have their own guide on our website).

Coffee tableware

In this section we are going to talk about complete coffee tableware, that is, sets that go beyond the combination of cup + plates, and which generally include a serving jug, cups or glasses for teas and infusions, and sometimes even slightly larger plates for desserts, snacks, cakes, etc.

The same applies to coffee tableware as to sets: there are larger or smaller porcelain or ceramic sets of varying quality and designs of all kinds, although the classic style will always predominate.

Remember that you can see more tableware of all kinds (not only tabletop oriented) in our tableware guide.

Cheap coffee sets

The price of a coffee set depends on numerous variables, so we cannot establish a pattern to recognize a cheap coffee set either.

Cheap coffee sets can usually be cheap because of their size (4 or 6 cups), or because of their material. The porcelain ones, which we have already talked about in this guide, are discarded for this reason (unless we are talking about very small sets), so we are going to keep only the ceramic ones.

As we have to establish a limit somewhere to elaborate our proposal, we are going to set a reference of 20 pounds to consider a cheap coffee set. Here are some examples:

Zeller 26540 8-Piece Espresso Set Coffee Style Porcelain
Zeller 26540 8-Piece Espresso Set Coffee Style Porcelain
Designer set; Set consists of: 4 cups and 4 saucers; Two white cups with black pattern and two black cups with white pattern
Alpina Set of 12 Espresso Cups with Saucers, Ceramic, White, 31 x 17.5 x 7 cm
Alpina Set of 12 Espresso Cups with Saucers, Ceramic, White, 31 x 17.5 x 7 cm
Espresso cups (75 ml); Complete set of 12 pieces.; Saucers with diameter 12.5 cm.; Model number: 871125285358
Ikea DUKTIG - 10-piece coffee/tea set, multicolour
Ikea DUKTIG - 10-piece coffee/tea set, multicolour
-Mini tea and coffee cups and cafLDe) latte mugs for play. Made of tough stoneware.

Sargadelos coffee sets

Sargadelos is one of the most prestigious porcelain design and manufacturing companies in the world, with an enormous personality. And of course, within its proposal we must highlight what interests us: The Sargadelos coffee sets.

Sargadelos is a company that was founded in 1806, at the beginning of the 19th century, no less. So it does not lack experience and trajectory. In the second half of the 20th century, it was Isaac Díaz Pardo and Luis Seoane who took over and drove Sargadelos to what it is today.

Today, Sargadelos is a true icon of the region of Galicia and of Galician culture. Its designs are characterised by the use of abstract geometric forms, from the Galician Baroque and Romanesque periods.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy Sargadelos coffee sets on Amazon. They only sell them directly, either physically or through their website. You can see their complete catalogue here.

Christmas coffee sets

OK, you’re only going to take them out of the cupboard at Christmas, but what better showcase for your dinnerware than that classic family after-dinner or lunchtime meal? It’s the perfect time to show off your brand new Christmas coffee set!

We’ll give you some examples of Christmas coffee sets here, and you just have to choose the one that fits the size (number of pieces) you need. We won’t say anything about the design, because the title says it all. Between spruce leaves, garlands, red berries and Father Christmas there’s a lot going on.

The best-selling coffee sets of 2021

These may not be the prettiest coffee sets, nor the cheapest coffee services, but they are the ones preferred by consumers today. The most popular coffee sets on Amazon, take note: