Coffee Machine Lubricating Grease

When we talk about the optimum maintenance of an automatic coffee machine, elements such as decalcifiers, cleaning brushes for the grinder, automatic rinsing and cleaning programmes that many already have integrated normally come to light. Still, there is one that is equally important and often goes unnoticed by the general public: the lubricating grease for the coffee group.

Silicone grease for coffee machines is a simple tube (or several tubes, depending on the quantity purchased) with a lubricant specially designed for greasing espresso machines, the automatic type. These specific lubricants for coffee machines are made of silicone and are especially suitable for food processors.

It means that you cannot rely on just any industrial lubricant inside your machine, as you do not know whether it is intended for food use.

As you can see, coffee maker grease is administered in small tubes, which are bought individually or in packs of 2-3 units. It’s not the usual way, but sometimes they come with other accessories, spare parts or cleaning elements to help the maintenance of your machine. They are not very expensive, and the investment is always worth it.

NASP Silicone Paste for Fully Automatic Coffee Machines, O-Rings, Fittings and Seals Clear,...
NASP Silicone Paste for Fully Automatic Coffee Machines, O-Rings, Fittings and Seals Clear,...
Tasteless, stable, dirt-repellent, heat-resistant, dielectric, excellent shape; Box contents: 1 tube of NASP silicone paste 1001 with 150 g content
FilterLogic CFL650 Silicone Grease/Lubricant 10g Tube for Coffee/Espresso Machine Seals gaskets...
FilterLogic CFL650 Silicone Grease/Lubricant 10g Tube for Coffee/Espresso Machine Seals gaskets...
Food-grade silicone lubricant for incidental contact with water; Suitable for all seals and gaskets, portafilters, EPDM, Nitrile etc

All silicone greases for lubricating coffee makers are universal; they can be used with any machine, whether you are looking for Saeco or Philips coffee maker grease or any other brand. The lubricant works the same in all cases. The tubes are of different sizes, depending on the manufacturer. Between 25 and 100 grams, you will find a wide variety of formats suitable for all uses: domestic, industrial, rare or intensive.

What should the lubricating grease for my coffee machine look like?

We almost always talk about generic silicone lubricants. Still, the most important thing is that the product is made of odourless and colourless silicone so that it does not affect the taste of the food in any way (in this case, moreover, it is the water used to make the coffee, an ingredient that captures strange smells and tastes very easily).

Next, let’s take a closer look at how to use coffee maker grease correctly and what it’s used for more accurately.

What is the grease for espresso machines used for?

After reading this introduction, you will have realised how useful it is to use a good lubricating grease for your espresso machine, but where should you apply it? What do we lubricate with the grease? Well, it’s very simple: the coffee group.

The heart, the central module of any machine of this type, is responsible for selecting the ground coffee, taking the right dose, pressing it and injecting the water to prepare the coffee.

All this, which is what you would have to do manually with an armoured coffee maker, is done by the coffee group. It is a complex piece that needs certain care to remain in perfect condition at all times, like any industrial module. These are the essential cares:

  • Rinsing and basic cleaning to remove the remains of ground coffee. This can be done once every 7 or 14 days (depending on how you use your coffee maker).
  • Lubricate the components of the brewing group, with the special grease for coffee machines that we are presenting in this article. This can be done every 6-12 months, depending on the frequency of use of your unit.

How is grease used for coffee machines?

You must apply the grease, through the tube applicator or even manually, anywhere in the coffee group where there are pieces that move and displace each other.

Watching the videos on this page will give you an idea, but keep in mind that the brew groups may differ from each other, depending on the make and model of the machine you have at home.

To lubricate the coffee group of your coffee machine, we recommend that you follow the general guidelines below:

  • You can apply the grease directly from the tube or with your fingers (this will give you better control) to those parts that are more visible or more accessible.
  • If you’re not sure where in the coffee group you should put the grease, move it around or use your hand to check where there are joints or rubbing parts.
  • To reach the most inaccessible places, use a flathead screwdriver, or some application tool that may come with your lubricant – some have wires and small brushes for this purpose.