Coffee Machine Cleaning Brushes

Coffee machine cleaning brushes are one of the indispensable cleaning and maintenance tools for any self-respecting barista and hobbyist. So much so that many models already have theirs included as an accessory, but others do not, and that is where it is necessary to dive into the Internet to get a coffee brush to help us in this task.

The first thing we should be clear about is that coffee machine brushes are often not purchased separately but are included in larger cleaning and maintenance kits, usually consisting of several parts and brushes for coffee machines of different sizes. Long brushes, short brushes, brushes, the variety of gadgets is enormous.

Our top choice: The Soulhand coffee maker brush

We have chosen this model because it is a professional coffee machine brush, with boar’s hair bristles and a curved beechwood handle specially designed to reach every corner of your machine’s interior.

What is the advantage of these natural bristle brushes? Well, they are hard and flexible at the same time and do not deform over time.

Of course, this is not a coffee maker cleaning brush that costs one or two pounds, like those you can buy in a Chinese bazaar, but you have to pay for the quality, and in this case, it is not too expensive to be careful.

What are brushes for cleaning coffee machines?

Generally, they are used to clean the grinding wheels of the coffee grinder or the coffee grounds, which are the parts where the most residues are accumulated, let’s say “difficult to reach”. For this reason, coffee maker brushes usually have an elongated handle, which allows you to reach difficult corners.

As you may have guessed, this type of instrument is particularly useful for the maintenance of armoured coffee machines and especially super-automatic coffee machines. In the case of the former, it is common to use one of these brushes with a curved handle to clean under the machine’s shower (where the filter holder is inserted).

The bristles are usually made of nylon, although the best coffee maker brushes use hair or organic material, which is much softer and more effective in cleaning – although also more expensive, of course.

It is also common to find brush kits with 2 or more pieces of different sizes/lengths, which can serve several purposes.


How are coffee machine brushes used?

Basically, coffee maker cleaning brushes should be used like any other cleaning brush.

When using a brush to clean the coffee grinder, it is very important that the bristles do not “absorb” the beans, especially the greasy or wet ones. That is to say: that they do not stick to them. If this happens, there is a serious risk that used beans will be mixed up from one brew to another as you pass the brush through different parts of your coffee maker (from the grinder to the brewing group, from the group to the filter, from the filter back to the grinders, etc.).

Brushes for coffee machines

On certain occasions, we may need a brush to clean coffee makers and not a simple brush. You already know the difference: the brushes are wider, have more hair and are used to clean larger areas more effectively. Coffee brushes are more useful in places that are not very accessible, corners and so on.

Well, if you need to buy a coffee brush from Amazon, here are several options: