Coffee Glasses

In our section on coffee machine accessories, we also deal with the concepts of coffee sets for more formal occasions and of course coffee cups for individual services. Today we are talking about coffee glasses, which have the same function as mugs but are distinguished by their (narrower) mouth and no handle to hold them.

There are many types of coffee glass, but generally distinctions can be made according to three criteria:

  • Coffee glass according to their material: glass or borosilicate glass (essential for it to withstand sudden changes in temperature) is the most common material, but plastic, paper or cardboard coffee glass are also widely used, which in this case are single-use.
  • Depending on the coffee: this is more oriented to glass cups, which have a different size, capacity, and even design according to the type of coffee to be served in them. We will talk about the most important ones later on.
  • Depending on the use: a takeaway glass is not the same as glasses for use at home or in cafés, or disposable coffee glass that are only used once and then thrown away or recycled.

Whether you are thinking of buying your coffee glasses or just want to learn a little more about them and the different alternatives on the market, this guide is for you.

Espresso glasses

Espresso glasses are one of the iconic images that come to mind every time we think about buying a glass of coffee. They are significantly smaller than milk coffee glasses, due to the natural volume of this drink (espresso) to which no ingredients are added.

Espresso glasses usually have a capacity of between 80 and 110 ml (better in the smaller range, of course) and are usually made of glass, so that the colour of the espresso can be fully appreciated. However, in many coffee shops, they serve the espresso in white ceramic glasses or glasses.

As essential features to consider when buying your espresso glasses, remember to check that they are made of borosilicate glass (to withstand sudden changes in temperature) and of course double-walled so you don’t burn your fingers when you pick them up. Remember that espresso must be drunk at a very specific temperature to appreciate it in all its magnitude!

Cappuccino glasses

Cappuccino glasses are much larger than the espresso glasses we have seen in the previous section. However, apart from their size, cappuccino glasses must have one essential quality: they must be transparent. The glass must be the material they are made of, so that the diner can appreciate the different colours and contrasts of the three parts that make up the cappuccino: the coffee, the milk, and the foam.

And the same goes for the latte macchiato glasses.

The capacity and above all the shape of the cappuccino glasses can vary quite a lot. The two main alternatives are round glasses, almost like glasses, or longer glasses with a small handle. The volume is usually around 180-200 ml for each glass.

Irish coffee glasses

We have already talked at length about Irish coffee on our website. Today it is time to make room for Irish coffee glasses, which have a very particular shape and aesthetics. Because, more than Irish coffee glasses, it would be more appropriate to talk about glasses.

Irish coffee glasses, apart from having a characteristic handle, have a foot and are always made of glass. Their size is around 225-250 ml, and they are usually presented in sets of 4 or 6. And if you are a cocktail lover, you can also use them to serve punch, hot wine, or different chocolate preparations. Very versatile!

Delonghi coffee glasses

Delonghi is one of the most prestigious brands in the international coffee industry, and this can also be seen in the accessories. The Italian firm has its own line of accessories and kitchenware around the coffee, such as all these collections that we attach here below.

The Delonghi coffee glasses are mainly made up of sets of 6 pieces, which can be the same or different sizes (for example, two Delonghi espresso glasses, two for milk coffee and two larger ones for cappuccinos). There is not much to choose from, but the quality is assured and of course they are the perfect complement if you already have a fully functioning Delonghi coffee maker at home.

Glass coffee cups

Glass is the most common material used to make coffee glasses. Glass coffee cups must always be of a special type: borosilicate glass, a glass with a specific treatment that hardens it and makes it more resistant to sudden changes in temperature. Otherwise, when water or very hot coffee is poured in, it would crack or explode.

We are not going to put here the complete list of crystal coffee glasses sold on Amazon, because it would be endless, but we include at least a selection of the most representative ones. You will find glass coffee cups of all types: large, small, espresso glasses, latte glasses, etc. Any type of coffee glass you can imagine is sold in glass (not the same for ceramic).

It doesn’t matter if you want to drink your coffee at home or for visits or special occasions. They are also widely used in the hotel and catering industry (many customers like to drink their coffee in a cane glass, not in a glass).

Plastic coffee glasses

The opposite is true of plastic coffee glasses: they are single-use glasses and are only used for excursions, buffets, parties, mass events, etc. They are usually suitable for when many people need to be served at the same time.

If you are looking to buy disposable coffee glasses, these are your best option, although not the most ecological or sustainable, that’s for sure. We’ll talk about them later.

Due to their low cost, plastic coffee glasses are sold in packages of many units, from 50 to 100, 200 units or even more. Once you have chosen the number of units you need, the last question is to decide on the design or colour. The most common are white or transparent plastic coffee glasses, but then there are also options for all tastes.

Cardboard coffee glasses

Cardboard coffee glasses are a more sustainable and ecological alternative to plastic glasses. They will always leave less waste. The advantage of recyclable cardboard coffee glasses is the same as that of plastic glasses: they are cheaper, and therefore available in packs of many units, as well as with a multitude of designs.

When we talk about paper coffee glasses, we are generally referring to this, the cardboard. Or extraordinarily thick paper, if you like. Otherwise, it would not be strong enough to withstand liquids and high temperatures.

For reasons of pure ecological awareness, cardboard coffee glasses are often used with wooden coffee stirrers. Everything can be recycled.

Coffee glasses to go

There are many types of coffee glasses to take away, but we can basically distinguish between reusable and disposable ones.

The reusable ones are made of hard plastic, aluminium, or other materials such as bamboo, and are the classic containers to take away and enjoy an American coffee in the street. We must not confuse the coffee glasses to take away with the thermos for coffee, since the latter are more designed to store and transport the drink, and not to drink it directly from the container.

Then there are the coffee glasses with lids, made of plastic or cardboard. These are disposable (single-use coffee glasses) and usually have a characteristic black plastic lid, with a particularly comfortable and ergonomic hole to drink through.

If you need to buy coffee glasses to go, at Amazon you have several interesting options, either for single use or for continuous use. Buying them in physical shops is already more complicated, especially because of the variety of options you will find.

Disposable coffee glasses

If you need disposable coffee glasses for an event or a party, the best option is to go for the plastic or cardboard ones, as we explained before. You can find out more about them in the sections above.

Where can I buy disposable coffee glasses? At Amazon, as always. It is the easiest and fastest way. They are also called disposable coffee glasses, in case you prefer to look for them this way.

Biodegradable coffee glasses

Biodegradable coffee glasses have the characteristic that they can be recycled or recomposed into other compounds, and therefore leave no residue in the environment. If you are concerned about sustainability and the future of our planet, compostable coffee glasses are a good option. Something similar to what we explained at the time when we talked about compostable coffee pods.

Many of these recyclable or biodegradable coffee glasses are made from organic cardboard (also called bio-cardboard glasses). Their use, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, are exactly the same as those of conventional cardboard glasses, which we discussed earlier.

Customized coffee glasses

When we talk about personalised coffee glasses, we actually mean (us and the consumers too) personalised coffee cups. We refer you to the information in that article to learn more about them. Yes, we know that a glass is not the same as a glass, but sometimes popular terminology does not follow the same academic guidelines from the dictionary.

Instant coffee glasses

Microwave instant coffee glasses are the right containers for enjoying a soluble (or instant) coffee in comfort. If you don’t have a kettle at home, it’s most common to serve the water in your glass first, and then heat it directly in the microwave before dissolving the soluble coffee in it.

In order for you to do this safely, it is important that the glass you use is microwaveable. You should check its material to make sure you have a microwave-safe coffee glass in your hands: if it’s made of ceramic nothing will normally happen, but if it’s made of glass it’s more delicate. Make sure it’s at least borosilicate.

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Set of Thrones coffee glasses

Fans of the series are in luck! As with everything that surrounds the merchandising of this legendary and spectacular production, the Game of Thrones coffee glasses are everywhere, and there are a multitude of models to choose from: mug-type, with or without handle, take-away, thermal glasses, everything.

What’s more, Juego de Tronos coffee glasses are an ideal gift to get away from that invisible friend gift that always chokes us, don’t you think?

Thermal coffee glasses

A thermal coffee glass is a glass that maintains the temperature on both sides of its walls, both inwards and outwards.

This way, the thermos glasses prevents the coffee from cooling down quickly (it will end up cooling the same, but more slowly than in a normal container), and at the same time prevents the user from burning his fingers or hands when holding it, no matter how hot the coffee is inside.

You can tell the difference very clearly when you pick up – or try to pick up – a glass of boiling, non-thermal coffee: you will burn yourself for sure.

We can distinguish two types of thermal coffee glasses: thermal glass glasses, which are double-walled coffee glasses (this double-wall serves as insulation), and thermal take-away coffee glasses, which are usually thermal because they have a rubber or silicone band in the middle so that you don’t burn your hands. Let’s not forget that the latter is designed to be carried by the consumer for a long time.

Oh, and by the way, before we finish we make the same precision as when we talk about coffee glasses to go: we must not confuse thermal glasses with coffee thermoses. The glasses are mainly for drinking and the thermos flasks for transporting.