Barista Towels

Barista towels are one of those accessories that cost nothing and make the difference – and the style – between an amateur or an expert who takes his work seriously and shares his passion for this world.

Having a towel, cloth, or rag at hand while we prepare our drinks is essential to maintain proper cleaning of all the elements. As you know, especially if you use espresso machines regularly, many cleaning actions have to be carried out on the spot. It is not worth “waiting until we have finished“. Consequently, your barista equipment should never be without a cleaning towel.

It is an accessory that among the general public, who only prepare some coffee at home from time to time and little more, goes quite unnoticed. But we advise you to have it always available, because the sum of all the details is what in the end makes your results better, that the coffee makers last longer, and so on.

Any user of manual or automatic espresso machines should have at home a specific cleaning towel for this purpose, accompanying their Picamarro drawer, the mats or a good cleaning brush for coffee machines.

Casecover 4pcs Super Absorbent Towel Barista Towel Rag Bar Coffee Machine Cleaning Cloth Tableware...
Casecover 4pcs Super Absorbent Towel Barista Towel Rag Bar Coffee Machine Cleaning Cloth Tableware...
Superior water absorption capacity.; Microfiber, soft.; High quality material, safe and healthy.
Crema Pro Barista Towel
Crema Pro Barista Towel
Microfibre; Includes handy clip; perfect for cleaning baskets and portafilters

What is a microfibre barista towel?

It is a cloth made of a soft material, specific for cleaning tasks. The right material is always microfibre for effectiveness and out of respect for our coffee makers.

It has a series of specific specifications, very subtle but sufficient to distinguish it from a normal domestic cleaning cloth. We will talk about them later.

This is the microfiber of a Barista cloth, seen up close.

If we don’t want to make a specific cloth for baristas, we can make do with a normal microfibre cleaning cloth, which is usually used in the kitchen or for car maintenance. They usually come in packs of several units and in various colours.

What is a barista cloth or towel for?

The use of a Barista cleaning towel serves a dual purpose:

  • The correct maintenance of your coffee machines and professional equipment.
  • The essential hygiene and cleanliness in any catering activity.

As we are continually working with materials that leave organic residues (coffee grounds, milk residues, etc.), the use of the Barista cleaning cloth is obligatory to eliminate them immediately after they appear.

For example, milk emulsifiers or coffee filters must be cleaned immediately after use always. And if you’re a regular coffee maker or have more to do in your kitchen, it’s quicker and more convenient to have your Barista towel hanging from your apron, rather than having to go and get it.

The microfibre barista towel is normally hung from an apron ring so that it is always at hand.

What are the characteristics of a barista towel?

A barista towel has a number of features that differentiate it from a normal cleaning cloth.

  • They have a hook to hang on your apron and keep it always at hand. With a normal cloth, without a hook, you would have much more difficulty carrying it around and enjoying the agility you need in your work. Of course, hygiene comes first, so the solution of putting a corner of the cloth inside your trousers is not acceptable.
  • Its ideal size is 40×30 cms. The square models are 30×30 cms.
  • As we have already said, the ideal is that they are made of microfibre to avoid damage to the machines.
  • As a detail of distinction, the cleaning cloths for Baristas are usually designed in dark colours, which can be associated with the world of coffee. Black, brown, chocolate, ochre… are the most common colours. If you buy a pack of multipurpose clothes, they will always come in bright or fluorescent colours. And you will never see this in a café.
Crema Pro Barista Towel
Crema Pro Barista Towel
Microfibre; Includes handy clip; perfect for cleaning baskets and portafilters

Which is the best microfibre towel for barista?

We recommend this set of Rhinowares microfibre barista towels. The quality is similar to other Barista cloths available on the market, but this particular set seems very practical to us for the following reasons:

  • This is a manufacturer specialised in Barista articles.
  • It is a set of 4 pieces for different uses. It’s not just one towel you have to use for everything.
  • They are valid for commercial and professional use.
  • The pack includes a towel for cleaning coffee residues (from filters, for example), two smaller cloths for the spray nozzles, and another black one that serves as a multipurpose cloth for cleaning the bodywork and exterior components of our machine.