Barista Aprons

If you are a barista, either professionally with a business or simply as a hobby (but taking it seriously), you will have once come across the need for a good barista apron to help you during your preparations.

All right, maybe to make espresso at home once in a while you won’t miss it. But if you start making several different types of coffee, a cappuccino, a latte, a long one, with finishes, with details, one after the other, then the workflow is noticeably interrupted if you don’t have all the tools at hand. And to achieve this, there is nothing better than a barista apron with all the necessary accessories to make each of your coffees a work of art.

Without going any further, several daily cleaning items, such as the barista towels, need to be hung on your apron, always to hand, as hygiene regulations often require them to be applied not after but during the preparation.

In short: aprons are one of those compliments that cannot be missing from your barista equipment kit, just as many other professionals cannot carry out their work without wearing their work uniforms. In many cases, the barista apron will be your only uniform.

On this page, we are going to learn more about this interesting garment, what exactly is a barista apron for, and above all, what aspects you should look at to know how to choose your barista apron wisely.

The usefulness of a barista apron

What is a barista apron for? Well, in short: to do your job better. The better the tools, the better the work: this is a maxim that is always fulfilled.

  • For professional comfort: to have your barista tools and accessories always at hand, thanks to the pockets and hooks on the apron.
  • For hygiene and cleanliness: to avoid splashes of coffee or milk on your street clothes while you are preparing drinks.
  • For aesthetics: you will always give a better impression to your clients and guests if you are “uninformed” according to the work you do

Most of the models that we find in the market, and that you can evaluate on this page, are multipurpose aprons for hotel and catering businesses, which can be used in different types of establishments. There is no standard definition for the barista apron as such.

What should an apron for barista have?

A barista apron, as we have already said, is not an element that is explicitly categorised, nor does it have specific characteristics. Even so, we can point out some details that it should have or that we find in most pieces that are used in a professional environment.

  • Colour: speciality coffee shops and establishments focused on coffee are places with a very defined aesthetic, and black or white aprons do not fit in them. When you buy a barista apron, you will usually find warmer colours such as black, chocolate, brown, or denim shades. Beige is more difficult to find, because of its clarity. But, we insist, this is more a trend than a practical matter.
  • Pockets: The main advantage of a professional barista apron is the possibility of always having the cleaning and touching up tools for the drinks at hand. For this you will need your apron to have pockets and hooks, if possible at torso level and not on the sides.
  • Good quality materials: instead of fabric, which is more flimsy and dirty, exposure to splashes makes it advisable to use more resistant materials such as leather or denim.
  • Size: short aprons should be avoided (i.e. those from the waist down) because you will have the whole chest exposed to stains and coffee splashes.

There are several models of aprons for cafeteria and hotel business, which can be used for this purpose and to dress a Barista more elegantly. However, the barista can still work with a normal uniform without the need to wear an apron. Or even with a normal hotel and catering apron, like any of these made of fabric:

An original choice: Barista denim apron (denim fabric)

We cannot speak of the best apron for baristas in absolute terms, as the qualities are similar in all these models, and the needs of each person may change. However, there is a very fashionable trend in the sector at present, which is the barista apron made of denim.

They do not have any practical advantages but simply for aesthetic taste. In our opinion, those that look best are those that combine denim with leather accessories, such as the one in the photo:

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Unisex Restaurant Canvas Aprons Kitchen Barbecue Cooking Apron Bartender Avental Work Uniform Bib...
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